"Stephen; I would also like to add something that happened a couple of days ago.  We are representing the purchaser of an expensive home in Miami.  The buyer's lender hit us at the last moment with a request for a title search on all six of the buyer's other properties.  I sent a request for rush service to Titlewrite late Tuesday afternoon.  When I got to the office Wednesday morning, three of the searches were already done and in my inbox.  The other three followed shortly thereafter.  Your office really came through for us and I am extremely grateful for the quick response.  Needless to say, the client was especially impressed that we got the request done so we could close on time.  Thanks to you and your staff for exceptional work."
Dane T. Stanish, Law Offices of Dane Stanish, P.A.

"Hey Steve, Thanks for the heads up. Your efforts are always appreciated!"
Michale Bustillo, Bankers Choice Title Write Solutions, Inc.

"Hello Stephen,
You guys have been fantastic!!!!! I really mean it, pulled us out of a deep hole. I do plan on being here on Saturday for awhile to try and prep all of the files that I don't get done today. I would like to have these to our agents first thing Monday morning.
I can see it now - a scanning party! I will be leaving the office shortly for the holiday."
Brenda Mott, Fidelity National Title

"Congrats!!! I got your message this morning. Jeffrey will be calling you later. Frank, Mike and Rita were extremely helpful and solved my problem. You have great people working for you!!! Have a great day!"
Pam – The Law Offices of Jeffery Marks

"I just wanna thank you....my client called and said he was SOOOO impressed with the speed and quality of work that we did for him.....and like I always say..."if it wasn't for you" :)"
Trish S. Keller, Assure America Title Company

"Thank you that was quick."
Deborah Forman, Real Estate Paralegal, Empire Title & Trust

"Thank you. This order has my agent in a panic. I appreciate your effort."
Michael J. Dolan
Commercial Agency Director
Underwriter - 1st American

"It worked perfectly! Thanks"
Respectfully, Jenny Alfonso, Sixto & Associates, P.A.

"Hope, Thanks so much for this email. Yes, in my absence a file was created for a client needing us to prepare a HUD. I have no contract on the purchase yet so have not ordered a search. THANKS SO MUCH for being so diligent in your work for us!!!!! I can count on you!"
Dina Glover, Commonwealth Title

"Good Morning Rhonda, I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely impressed and happy with TitleWrite’s service yesterday and wish to use them on all future FL orders. Thank you"
Justin Hidy, Owner/CEO, Atypical Title, LLC

"Gabe, Got the report-having one of those days!!!! Thanks so much, you guys are the best!! :)"
Susan Hahn, Shore To Shore Title, Inc.

"Hello Mike, Thanks for your prompt service with the commitment or file# 07-1184 this was rush order, but I wanted to thank you for your great work. This is what team work is all about. Best regards to Steve. Thanks"
Mary Diaz, Americas Premium Title

"Hi Frank. I know you’re not there, but wanted to thank you for your help. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!"
Lisa, Old Republic Title

(NOTE: My response in all caps is a happy response)."
Judy Christy, Compleat Title, Inc.

"I really appreciate how you guys got the update back to me yesterday. It is greatly appreciated! I will try to never have to rush you like that again."
Thank you, Julie Ingham, Assure America Title Company

"Thank you. I am impressed. This was my first order with you and you performed beautifully. Next one I won't rush you. Thanks again!"
Debbie Love, Escrow Closer

"Steve, First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the delicious chocolates ? I am so sorry that I missed you last week, but I took a few days off to spend with my children. I wish you, your family, your staff and their loved ones as well, a wonderful holiday season. May the New Year bring you much happiness, health and a lot more work opportunity."
My warmest regards, UNLIMITED TITLE SERVICES CORP., Daisy P. Machado, MBA

"I think u guys are so good and organized in the title search, I worked with other underwriters And they are not so good….."
Alexandra Martinez, Sounthern Title Group, Inc.

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