Team Technology

TEAM Technology

TitleWrite and LienWrite entirely re-thought the nature of our service and our industry.  The ethic of autonomy dictated the necessity to develop our own systems, systemizations and technology from the ground up.  We developed protocol and procedures for how a report would be created and how we would ultimately deliver the final product to our client.

Having total integration as the goal, TitleWrite and LienWrite is able to integrate or populate almost any computer system in the industry.  Our clients are able to choose how much or how little integration they would like.

One area that dramatically improves speed is the fact that our program is not just a production environment or document generator.  It also acts as the primary email solution to the office.  T.E.A.M.  is designed as a single source solution to the many facets of our business, from organizing, searching, emailing, and creating the final report for the title professional's review and determination of insurability; a Team Member never needs to leave the production environment in order to accomplish another task.  Complete integration results in much greater speed, accuracy, and responsiveness and happier Team Members!

TEAM also provides effective managerial tools.  Better management means better, more consistent reporting products. It means a better experience overall.  One example is with regard to having developed a true Quality Control programming system at the title plant level in the industry, TEAM catalogues all opportunities for change and professional development by detailing literally every key stroke.  As with most creative managerial tools, report data must be followed up by effective analysis and, more importantly, active decision making that is based upon that reporting; in order for the tool to be considered effective.

TEAM technology is geared toward making it all look simple!

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