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Recorded Property Searches:

“At TitleWrite, title Examination is not something we do, it is all we do.”
“Recording States” require that a lien/encumbrance MUST be recorded into the Public Records of the County where the property is located, in order for the lien/encumbrance to validly attach to the subject matter property. One of the first steps in a real estate transaction is to determine through a title examination which encumbrances are of record that, according to law, must be addressed or “cleared” prior to or at closing so that the new owner obtains “clear” title. The property search report (sometimes called Commitment for title insurance) tells the transactional company (law firm or title company) what steps must be followed to ensure that the new owner will, upon closing, own her or his newly purchased property free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. This report also forms the basis for the insurance policy a new owner receives, called an Title Insurance Owner’s Policy. TitleWrite provides proposed/draft title commitments to transactional centers for their thorough review and analysis of accuracy and insurability. 

In today’s climate many law firms who perform plaintiff’s foreclosure services are in need of pre-foreclosure reports. TitleWrite is very experienced in performing these reports that are tailored to the needs of pending litigation.

We term the above description as a “recorded” property search. A recorded property search can take many report forms depending upon the need of the client. Sometimes a client is only interested in who currently owns a property, this report would be called a Current Owner Search report. In today’s climate certain law firms are in need of what we call a foreclosure report. Whatever the report’s name, the key is that our Team is tasked with searching the public records of the county the property is located in, and by applying certain laws and procedural protocols to the information obtained, form a report,  producing a “recorded” property examination report that is clear and simple to read - ready for review.

TitleWrite - Property Search Report Products:

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Pro-Forma Policy Template:
Along with your title search report, we will produce a Pro-Forma Policy specific to your file information. Eliminate both the time spent copying and pasting and any potential errors that could result from this process. Seconds turn to minutes and minutes turn into costs.

Issuance of the Pro-Forma Policy (Typing):

Complete preparation of the Pro-Forma Policy including an update to ensure gap coverage. Upon completion, it will only need to be applied to the policy jacket and delivered.

Lien/Mortgage Satisfaction Release Service:
Post Closing Services as needed
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