Our Team

Our Team

In 2003 the idea for providing a choice to the real estate industry transactional professional began to take shape.  TitleWrite was first created to offer Underwriters the ability to provide their agents, such as law firms and title companies with fast title examination expertise in accordance with standard underwriting practice and procedure so that the title entities' analysis and review of that data for accuracy and insurability was made and produced as efficiently as possible.   

Today, Title-Write Solutions, Inc. is one of the best known independent title plants in the state of Florida, offering our services to the entire real estate industry, legal community, banks and the public.  Though a key driver has been our commitment to continual technology development (see Team Technology), it is our experience and legal knowledge that is our foundation.

President/Founder, Stephen Lankau, Esq., “If we provide value to the industry, the industry will reward us for it.”

Abstractor/Title Examiner-Centric at our core:

In 2006, TitleWrite held its first ever Stradegic Planning Seminar.  At the end of this two-day exercise TitleWrite realized what they were really all about.
“Client-Centric” decision making was the buzz words of the day and thus it was printed on all of the marketing materials.  Through introspection we understood that every business needed to focus on their client, but fundamentally, we were Abstractor-Centric.  Founder and President Stephen Lankau, Esq. was focused on the needs of Title Abstractors first and foremost.  All systems and protocols always kept the title abstractor in mind.  Stephen realized that there was a need for a company who provided title abstractors an efficient forum to practice their skill set while also sending the message that their skills are extremely respected.

The next step was to create Lien-Write Solutions, Inc.  LienWrite was developed  to offer the real estate industry the only complete property research firm.
Once the title plant and all technology necessary for fast/efficient title examination production was fully realized, the Team embarked upon the new challenge – to become the only fully integrated property research firm capable of obtaining any and all encumbrances that effect a property whether the lien or cloud on title was recorded or, unrecorded. 

LienWrite is the “stop gap” for all “unrecorded” municipality encumbrances.  Without the services of LienWrite, municipal liens such as code enforcement liens, permit violations, unpaid utilities etc. can go unresolved and a new home owner can end up burdened with expensive & resolved issues without the benefit of insurance coverage since their Title Insurance Owner’s Policy would not cover any encumbrances or violations that are not contained in the public records.

LienWrite is the only unrecorded lien search service headed by an attorney that is dedicated to building the vital support services that is so vital to today’s industry.  Mr. Lankau has worked in all facets of the industry including inside the large the national title insurance company and as in-house counsel for the real estate development firm.  However, it is through the vision of building the best support services to the real estate industry where Mr. Lankau has realized his greatest professional rewards.

“We felt that our experience & knowledge base would translate positively, resulting in adding value to the industry by building a more efficient solution and a higher degree of professionalism into the unrecorded municipal lien reporting service.” says Stephen Lankau, Esq.

Building the vision first meant building the proprietary systems and then meant choosing highly qualified Team Members.  We feel the Team at TitleWrite and LienWrite are among the most dedicated in the industry. 

Providing peace of mind through the use of great systems allows for fluid communication resulting in easy understanding of complicated research analysis.  In other words we make it look & feel simple!    


Its not all about work. At TitleWrite and LienWrite our commitment to "green" began by imagination realized. Through the creation and implementation of our proprietary paperless production environments, absolutely no paper is used or required during the process of title evidence gathering, or reporting. Although no office is 100% paperless, TitleWrite and LienWrite are as paperless as one can imagine. In an industry that is “paper heavy”, we are seen as a refreshing example of the possibilities that can be realized once the commitment is made to embark upon a vision of going paperless. When paper is required, we utilize 100% recycled paper. Our Team Members are involved in and are directly responsible for our company’s effort to recycle. As in one’s home environment, both TitleWrite and LienWrite have organized recycling programs that permit the recycling of all materials commonly saved for that purpose. Since one of our clients has been Waste Management Inc., we would be hard pressed to explain to them why we were not committed to this very important effort.


Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and has the largest coastline of any state in America. Since many of our Team Members enjoy water activities, we felt that we must call out our coastal water commitment separately. Our commitment to Sea Life thus far has dedication in much the same manner as our Green Commitment. We have determined that the Sea Turtle or loggerhead is the best cause to support. A Sea turtle’s lifestyle relies on virtually all ocean eco-systems. From the ocean - to the reef - to the grasses - to the beach… a Sea Turtle’s life touches them all. So by supporting their cause, we support their individual habitats. For more information go to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center’s Website at www.marinelife.org/.
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